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Inspiring millennials

through content that's dope 

don't believe what you read in the press
Who are we


Bidascale is a bunch of content writers and editors who got tired of the old fashion press. We gathered together for one cause: to make the digital media more appealing and accessible for millennials and we do this by writing genuine and inspiring content. You can call us the Reno Raines of the bicycle patrol, the Ricky Martin of the country music, or the Steve Jobs of the Microsoft editing room. If you got tired of the same political propaganda or cheesy social posts, feel free to tune in to one of our media properties.

Out Brand

Content has a powerful impact on our day to day behaviour, like reading an irritating headline on your way home, or getting a dramatic medical article straight to our messaging inbox. Bidascale is here to cover the happy news and educational content - to make your daily journey positive and your coffee delightful.



Our audience is millennials and their cool parents too. They engage with our content and even appreciate branded ads, as long as they are relevant to their interests and daily routine. 

Reach at Scale: 

18M Unique Users - 120M monthly page views

We extend our audience reach every month and relevancy of message by pairing our analytical skills to content performance. 

Ad Specs: 

Our users will always prefer promotional content, but we also suggest:

Standard Display, IAB

Video - Pre Roll 

Media Kit: If you'd like to learn more about our users, GEO's, devices and rates, shoot us an email and our sales reps will contact you.

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